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Hours of Operation

Banks are open for business 9 to 2 Sunday through Thursday, although certain branches stay open until 5 pm. In addition, you can withdraw money from your home bank using ATMs found outside major banks and inside hotels. Businesses are usually open by 8 am and close by 4 or 5 pm Sunday through Thursday.

Egypt's postal offices are open from 8:30 to 3. The larger post offices in Cairo—Muhammad Farid (Downtown), Ataba Square (next to the Postal Museum), and the Ma'adi offices—are open until 6 pm daily.

Shops are generally open 9 am until 10 pm, although they may open and close later. Many close for at least an hour for Friday prayers and some close on Sundays, though in the tourist towns, souvenir shops are open daily. In the coastal resorts, shops sometimes close during the afternoons.


Egypt's fixed national holidays include New Year's Day (January 1) Sinai Liberation Day (April 25), Labor Day (May 1), Evacuation Day (June 18), and Revolution Day (July 23).

The Muslim lunar calendar is normally 10 to 11 days earlier than the Gregorian year. The month of Ramadan lasts for anywhere from 28 to 30 days and entails fasting—no food, water, or smoking—from dawn to sunset. It's followed by Ead al-Fetr, known as the "small feast" in English. The "big feast" is Eid al-Adha, which occurs at the end of the Pilgrimage Period. The other two main Muslim holidays are the Muslim New Year (in late March or early April), and the Prophet Muhammad's birthday (falling anywhere between late May and late June). Coptic holidays are observed by Coptic citizens only. They are Christmas (January 7), Baptism (January 20), Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter), and Easter.


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