High Cafe

Galway & The West

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High Cafe

High Cafe is a family-owned café, smack in the heart of High Street, serving up a wide variety of Mediterranean and Moroccan dishes. It offers everything from classic pizzas to a range of tagines and even paella. Plus, coffee, Moroccan tea, and a range of tasty desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Galway's cosy cafés offer refuge from the unpredictable weather of the Wild Atlantic. Enjoy traditional Irish homemade cakes, baked goods, and midday treats such as warm fluffy brown scones, jam-laden soda bread, Irish fruit cake, and open crab sandwiches. For a taste of authentic Irish cuisine, try the boxty — a savoury potato pancake that has been a staple of Irish cuisine for generations — or the soda farls, a Northern Irish quick bread made with baking soda and buttermilk that is both hearty and delicious.