Busker Brownes

Galway & The West

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Busker Brownes

A Galway institution dating back to 1615, Busker Brownes has served as a meeting place for the Tribes of Galway, a soldiers' barracks, a Dominican convent, and a gathering spot for the Galway Society. Today, it stands as one of the city’s premier bars and restaurants. Its impressive design seamlessly blends medieval stonework with contemporary furnishings, and includes multiple bars and floors, creating an inviting and dynamic atmosphere. However, the true magic of Busker Brownes is unleashed on weekends, when talented DJs take the stage, filling the air with energetic beats that bring the entire pub to life.

Bars & Nightlife

Galway is a city that knows how to have a good time, and its eclectic collection of pubs is a true testament to that. From cosy, traditional watering holes to lively, hopping bars, Galway is renowned for its thriving nightlife. As a vibrant university town, it attracts a diverse crowd of young students and travellers looking to experience the city's festive spirit.