Yunnan Explorer

06/06/2020 through 10/07/2021
06/06/2020 through 10/10/2021
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Yunnan Explorer

Experience the breathtaking natural scenery, historical attractions, and diverse lifestyles for which the province of Yunnan is known in this 12-day tour. Hike one of Asia’s finest geological wonders, Tiger Leaping Gorge, best beheld from the winding hiking trails high above the Yangzi River. Break bread with a Bai family and learn about the province’s second-largest ethnic group. Travel to lofty, legendary Shangrila. Mingle with Tibetan pilgrims in Ganden Sumtseling Monastery. It’s impossible to name all the myriad delights of Yunnan, so you’ll just have to discover them for yourself.  


  • Dali – Walking tour
  • Xizhou – Day trip
  • Shibaoshan – Hike to Shizong Temple
  • Shangrila – Sumtseling Monastery
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge – Guided trek
  • Lijiang – Walking tour


  • Visit our local Bai friends in Dali and learn about Bai people and their way of life.
  • In Shaxi, you’ll see one of the best-preserved traditional towns in Yunnan. Stay in a friendly, family-run guesthouse and sample some authentic local cuisine
  • Experience the legendary Tiger Leaping Gorge, with two days of hiking one of China’s most breathtaking trails.
  • Journey to Shangrila and walk among Tibetan pilgrims in Sumtseling Monastery.
  • Travel like a local, on public buses and sleeper trains. It’s the perfect opportunity to interact with people and take in the charming provincial scenery.
  • You’ve never tried anything like Yunannese food! Get a different perspective on Chinese cuisine with the unique flavours of the local soup, noodles, mushrooms and even cheese.


Day 1 Kunming
Day 2 Dali
Day 3 Dali
Day 4 Shaxi
Day 5 Shaxi
Day 6 Shangrila
Day 7 Shangrila
Day 8 Tiger Leaping Gorge
Day 9 Tiger Leaping Gorge
Day 10 Lijiang/Overnight Train
Day 11 Kunming
Day 12 Kunming

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